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That Texas golden hour—is there anything like it on earth? Light slips through trees like honey, the heat of the day loosens it grip, and you finally have a minute to pause. A pitcher of something refreshing, citrusy, fruity, and a little bubbly can only add to the moment—and it’s a good excuse to invite friends and family to join you.

H-E-B 1877 Mineral Water is just the touch of sparkle your summer needs, either chilled and straight from the bottle, or used as an ingredient in a cooling refreshment like this Melon-Lime Summer Sparkler. Bottled in—where else?—Mineral Wells, Texas, H-E-B 1877 Mineral Water is named for its source: a well of naturally mineralized water that was first tapped in 1877. With tons of carbonation and refreshing flavor, a bottle of 1877 is exactly the kind of refreshment the Texas heat demands.

Of course, a little sweetness doesn’t hurt, and H-E-B Dream Melon is just that: a dream. For this Melon-Lime Summer Sparkler, cubes of this super sweet melon are soaked in honey and lime, then topped with the bubbles of 1877. Even better, you can make this cooler either with alcohol, or without—however you prefer your happy hour! Just use lemonade or Pinot Grigio (or a dry white wine of your choice) to complete the picture.

However you like your Summer Sparkler, though, make sure to serve it well-chilled, with lots of ice and lots of good company. Because once the glasses are poured and the sun begins to dip in the sky, the conversation is going to start flowing. So cheers, y’all! Enjoy your summer golden hour with a glass in hand courtesy of H-E-B, To Texas, With Love.

Melon-Lime Summer Sparkler with H-E-B 1877 Mineral Water

Makes 1 pitcher, or about 6 drinks

  1. In a small bowl, whisk together honey and lime juice.
  2. Add the honey mixture to a large pitcher along with the lemonade or wine, and the melon cubes. Refrigerate for up to two hours, or until fully chilled.
  3. Just before serving, fill the pitcher with ice and add the H-E-B 1877 Mineral Water. Stir to combine and pour into glasses to serve.

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