This recipe is part of a sponsored content series produced in partnership between Texas Monthly and H-E-B highlighting H-E-B brand products that are made to be Texas favorites.

No matter where you are in our vast, beautiful state, you can enjoy the flavors of Texas from the comfort of your kitchen, patio, or front porch with a cup of Cafe Olé by H-E-B. All H-E-B brand products are made to be Texas favorites, and Cafe Olé by H-E-B is perhaps one of the best examples. Nearly 25 years ago, H-E-B created the brand of high quality and flavorful coffee blends roasted exclusively for H-E-B customers.

The tailor-made Cafe Olé by H-E-B Taste of Texas series was developed with love and care as a gift for Texans to honor their roots. H-E-B is committed to developing and bringing the most authentic, Texas-inspired items to their shelves—and Texans can recognize the authenticity from a mile away.

“We start with focus groups to see what flavors the community will love,” Jeff Ogan, H-E-B, Business Development Manager, says.

No one knows Texas better than H-E-B Partners like Ogan, who has been with H-E-B for more than thirty years and is deeply involved in the comprehensive process of developing the Taste of Texas series. “Texans love Texas,” he says. “And when you start getting out into the different neighborhoods, there’s even more pride.”

No one knows Texas better than H-E-B Partners like Ogan, who has been at H-E-B for more than thirty years. Photo by Cassandra Klepac

Own Brand Manager Emily Ash adds that there is also a lot of care that goes into designing the beautiful illustrations on the packaging. “We make sure to pick landmarks and symbols that are special and representative of each city,” she says.

One of the challenges facing the team is how eager every community is to be represented by their own blend. “Texas is very region based,” Ash says, “People are always asking when their city will get a flavor.” That’s why the Taste of Texas series continues to grow, representing more communities across the state.

Cafe Olé by H-E-B beans are sourced from more than 20 legendary coffee regions throughout the world. After these high-quality beans are expertly roasted, the Cafe Olé by H-E-B Taste of Texas series adds the distinctive flavors developed by H-E-B Partners like Ogan and Ash. They consult with experts, run surveys, and organize focus group panels where they listen to members of the community to ensure the flavors selected represent them. When the research concludes, the real fun begins, and H-E-B lets the customers taste these carefully crafted blends. The Cafe Olé by H-E-B Taste of Texas series doesn’t hit the shelves until the Partners are sure each community loves its blend, a little piece of Texas for anyone who calls the state home.

Own Brand Manager Emily Ash makes sure communities feel represented by their flavors. Photo by Cassandra Klepac

From San Antonio’s River Walk and the spaceships of Houston to the historic Capitol building of Austin and the valleys of the Rio Grande, H-E-B has crafted a coffee for each and every taste of Texas. Hitting the open road is a tradition as old as Texas, and now a Texas road trip is as easy as brewing a cup of coffee from the Taste of Texas series. Even if you’ve traveled far from Texas, these flavors will transport you back home to the Lone Star State.

Begin with the Rio Grande Especial, a medium bodied blend with cinnamon spice flavors and hints of orange, distinctive offerings of the region. Journey north with the Taste of San Antonio Blend and discover the old-world mystique when chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon meet. Veer over to the Gulf Coast and taste the Houston Blend, savoring pecan praline accented coconut flavors. Head back out west to the capital city with the Taste of Austin, featuring the distinctive flavors of southern pecans with a hint of cinnamon. Continue your journey out of the city, where the Taste of the Hill Country reflects the memorable, colorful landscape with a mix of vanilla and cinnamon. To round out the trip, head to the Panhandle and try the Taste of Texas series’ newest blend in honor of the Hub City. Lubbock’s signature blend features the flavors of sweet cream and vanilla, reminiscent of a Tres Leches Cake.

H-E-B and the Partners who make the Cafe Olé by H-E-B Taste of Texas series possible keep their love for Texas and Texans at the forefront of their brand products. Only H-E-B could take the finest Arabica beans from around the world and transform them into a Texas-sized road trip of flavors across the Lone Star State. The Cafe Olé by H-E-B Taste of Texas series line is backed by H-E-B’s 100% guarantee promise. Because they believe each H-E-B brand product is born and raised to be Texas favorites, guaranteed. And they can only come from H-E-B. To Texas, With Love.

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