There’s nothing quite like the feeling of slipping on a good pair of cowboy boots. For Texans, boots embody confidence, community, and tradition. Boots also give you a sense of belonging in this great state: They make you stand taller and feel taller. Any Texan knows the importance of a good pair of cowboy boots, and so does Tecovas. Tecovas is passionate about creating a handmade, high-quality cowboy boot that keeps Texas traditions alive, making anyone who experiences the brand feel like a Texan. Check out the video below to learn more about Tecovas cowboy boots and what it means to be Texan.

Video by Story Minute

Cowboy boots have been a quintessential part of Texas culture for decades, and they still are today. Tecovas understands the importance of history, which is why they use traditional methods to craft their boots, resulting in a high-quality look and feel. 

What I’ve learned about being Texan really comes down to heart. There’s a fierce independence, and there’s also a compassion to it.

The Tecovas in-store experience is a sensory one, where you can step inside a warm, welcoming space and smell the leather around you. Inside you feel connected—to both the boots and the people. Tecovas is a community of Texans, and they want you to be a part of that community, too. 

Visit the Tecovas South Congress store in Austin (featured in this video) or at their other locations around the country for some good ol’ Texas hospitality and a great pair of hand-crafted cowboy boots.