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The popularity of sparkling water evokes fierce loyalty. When H-E-B decided to introduce their own sparkling mineral water, they set out to make a product for Texans, by Texans, that could be their customers’ favorite variety. The Partners at H-E-B had two important goals: to produce a water entirely sourced and bottled in Texas, and to enrich the Texas communities they love in the process. In creating 1877, they’ve succeeded at both.

In the town of Mineral Wells, H-E-B found their Texas water source, as well as an opportunity to partner with Crazy Water, a small business owned by Mineral Wells locals Carol and Scott Elder. This partnership has enriched the revitalization of this small Texas community by bringing more jobs to the town.

1877 is 100% Texan, bottled and carbonated onsite in Mineral Wells. Photo by Cassandra Klepac

“What a lot of people don’t know is that Texas has a large ability to produce mineral water right here at home,” says Mary DiPlacido. An H-E-B Business Development Manager, DiPlacido knows beverages—she’s worked with them for most of her 24 years with H-E-B. Of all the products she’s helped develop over the years, the creation of 1877 is the project she’s most passionate about and most proud of.

When her team began looking for a location from which to source the water, the town of Mineral Wells sprang to mind. Mineral Wells has been famous for its natural mineral water source since, you guessed it, 1877—the year the well was first tapped. DiPlacido saw the opportunity for a partnership that would benefit the town of Mineral Wells and all H-E-B customers.

When she began developing the idea for 1877, DiPlacido wanted to support Texas workers and Texas communities. “The soft drink industry employs a tremendous amount of people in Texas,” DiPlacido says. “All of H-E-B’s soft drinks are now produced in Texas. We wanted to continue to support the beverage industry of Texas. 1877 really came from that.”

1877 is bottled directly over the site of the well in Mineral Wells, right at the source. “Mineral Wells had the capability and the quality of water that we wanted to use,” DiPlacido says. Some mineral waters are tanked and transported elsewhere to be bottled. Because Mineral Wells is blessed with such a great Texas natural resource, 1877 is as local as can be, resulting in its high quality.

H-E-B’s partnership with the Crazy Water company is part of a larger revitalization happening in Mineral Wells, including the renovation of the Crazy Water Hotel and the famed Baker Hotel and Spa. Photo by Cassandra Klepac

To bring customers a product with the perfect balance of minerals and refreshing, bubbly taste, the H-E-B development team went through many rounds of deliberation and taste tests to ensure the absolute best flavor profile. The native gifts of Texas provided a great palette to work with, as the naturally occurring minerals in the Mineral Wells water gives 1877 its distinct taste. After it’s pulled from the well, the water is carbonated as high as the bottle will allow, ensuring the effervescent flavor that lovers of sparkling water clamor for. This in-depth development process paid off, as 1877 has received great feedback from H-E-B customers.

When it came time to name the water, there were many options to consider, but 1877 made the most sense. DiPlacido and the H-E-B team wanted to showcase how long the town of Mineral Wells has been producing this amazing water to share with Texans. H-E-B’s partnership with the Crazy Water company is part of a larger revitalization happening in Mineral Wells, including the renovation of the Crazy Water Hotel and the famed Baker Hotel and Spa, returning some of the industry and entertainment the historic town had lost. H-E-B often looks for such partnerships that not only lead to great products, but also revitalize smaller Texas communities. “We love doing that,” DiPlacido says.

In developing 1877, DiPlacido and her team of H-E-B Partners have created a product by Texans, for Texans—the water is completely from the Lone Star State. “It’s mineral water sourced from Texas, and it’s as local as we can get it,” DiPlacido says.

Try the refreshing taste of this 100% Texan mineral water, prepared with love by H-E-B. Look out for new flavors, Lime and Mango, coming soon!

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