Goodstock founder Nolan Ryan is perhaps most well-known for his career as a professional baseball pitcher, a career that spanned 27 years from 1966 through 1993. Over the course of his remarkable career, Ryan pitched for the New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Astros, and Texas Rangers—but his true passion has always been ranching. He pursued his ranching dreams alongside his baseball ones, learning as much as he could by reading books on cattle ranching and agriculture between games, while being bussed from city to city all over the country. By the time Ryan retired from baseball in 1993, he already had a full herd of cattle. Turning his passion into a profession just made sense, so Ryan created Nolan Ryan Beef in 2000, which then launched the Goodstock by Nolan Ryan brand in 2020. Check out the video below to learn more about Goodstock and its founder.

Video by Bailey Hinners

In the last twenty years, Nolan Ryan has certainly left his mark on ranching—he was even awarded the Golden Spur Award in 2011 for his outstanding achievement and contribution to the cattle and agriculture industry. Goodstock is a reflection of Ryan’s ranching experience, as well as his respect for the Texas community of backyard grillers and BBQ’ers. 

At Goodstock, you’ll find an array of quality, fresh beef products ready to be cooked up, as well as curated products and merchandise produced right here in the great state of Texas. Wondering what to buy and how to prepare it? Don’t hesitate to ask any Goodstock butcher or staff member—they’re there to help, ready with a thorough knowledge of beef and pointers on how to pick the perfect cut of meat for any occasion. From Tomahawks to Beef Ribs, Goodstock is there to guide you through the selection and purchase process. Can’t visit the store in person? No problem. You can also explore their craft cuts online and have them shipped directly to your door.

When you see the Goodstock name, you can feel confident that what you’re investing in is as good as it gets. Visit the Goodstock boutique butcher shop in Round Rock, Texas, or visit them online at