There’s a lot to consider when you’re seeking fertility treatment, but it all starts with finding the right doctor. Follow this advice from CCRM Fertility, a global pioneer in fertility treatment, research and science, to make sure you receive the best treatment possible.

Start With the Numbers

“The very first thing you should do when evaluating a clinic is verify that it is a member of Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) and review its success rates,” advises Dr. Dorette Noorhasan, an award-winning reproductive endocrinologist and medical director and co-founder at CCRM Fertility Dallas-Fort Worth. SART-associated fertility clinics must adhere to the highest standards for quality, safety, patient care, and even advertising. In addition, clinics must report all birth outcome data, which is then audited by SART. Clinics that are not SART members are, unfortunately, not held to the same standards. “As a SART member, CCRM Fertility is proud to stand behind our success rates and performance,” says Dr. Noorhasan.

Patients should ask about the clinic’s experience, too. How long have they been practicing certain techniques? It’s important to inquire about specific figures related to that treatment you’re seeking. For instance, if you’re thinking of freezing your eggs, you don’t only want to understand how often the clinic has effectively frozen eggs—you want to know the rate of success for thawing those eggs and having the process result in a healthy pregnancy.

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Ask About the Full Spectrum of Services

You know the frustration of running around to a half-dozen stores to find everything on your grocery list? You don’t want the same situation when it comes to your health care. Ask what services and treatments the clinic administers and which you’ll have to go elsewhere for. Discuss how efficacy is monitored. What resources does it offer beyond the clinical minutiae?

CCRM is unique in that it’s a full-service fertility center with its own labs and genetics department; everything from initial assessments to developing embryos to genetic testing happens on-site. The clinic also tracks the progress of any attempted protocols to make sure they’re working for the patient. “It allows us to have tight quality control. All of our patients’ samples, all of their testing, all of their embryos are handled within our practice. We’re not relying on outside labs or resources to do any of the evaluation,” says Dr. Noorhasan.

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Pay Attention to How You Feel

Dr. Noorhasan encourages patients to consider the following: Do you feel comfortable with your provider? What about the rest of your clinical team? Do you appreciate the way information is being conveyed to you? Do you leave the office with a good understanding of your fertility diagnosis and the treatment options that might be appropriate? If not, it may be time to seek a second opinion.

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