No matter where you turn at the moment, you’re facing higher prices on everything you buy. There doesn’t seem to be a single industry that isn’t impacted in some way because of pandemic-related variables. You know it’s especially bad when Amazon and Target can’t guarantee your orders, let alone get them to you on time. We are being warned that we should “BUY HOLIDAY GIFTS NOW,” or face certain delays that may lead to unhappy faces on Christmas morning. While all of this is true and seems inescapable, there are some purchase choices you can make to mitigate the issues. Changing things up and buying meat packages this year just might be a great alternative for your holiday list and here’s why:  

Chet “The Daytripper” Garner opening his Goodstock By Nolan Ryan gift packagePhoto courtesy of Goodstock By Nolan Ryan

1) Consumers are still discovering meat packages make great gifts:

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t need more stuff. That’s why sending consumable gifts make so much sense. Mom and Dad have everything they need, but it would sure be nice to strike a few dinners off their list over the holidays! When you gift a meat package, you’re not just gifting the meat itself, you’re giving them their time back. 

2) Buying meat products raised or grown within our borders means fewer supply chain variables:

This is a basic but important point. The fewer touch points on the journey to get to you, the fewer opportunities for issues and errors. When you buy products that don’t have to cross oceans and borders, they’re more likely to get to you intact and on-time. Within the beef industry especially, look for brands that offer beef raised and harvested within the same state they are selling from. Buying from local suppliers not only mitigates supply chain issues, it also means fresher meat and supporting the local community. 

3) You can’t put a price on sheer enjoyment:

What is the first type of meal that comes to mind when you think of a special eating experience? Something you really treat yourself to that truly elevates the occasion. For us, it’s a nice steak dinner (but Texas BBQ also happens to be one of our favorites!). By sending someone a beef package for the holidays, you’re not just sending beef but sheer enjoyment. That sounds like a sound investment, regardless of price. 

4) Meat gifts can be used anytime over the holidays or later in the new year:

Meat gift packages are delivered frozen. Usually they are still frozen when they arrive and can be put into the freezer and kept perfectly well for many months to come. So although they may not be a good choice for gift wrapping and placing under the tree, when they arrive frozen they will still taste amazing in March, whereas your Christmas baking will not.  

Gift package featuring Goodstock’s Black Label Tenderloin SteaksPhoto courtesy of Goodstock By Nolan Ryan

5) You’re less likely to give the same gift as someone else when you give the gift of meat:

Coming up with original gift ideas is tough. No one wants to get two of the same thing—that just means your gift will be re-gifted. Each year we rack our brains trying to think of something different, something that the person doesn’t have, something useful, or something they didn’t even know existed! Now we’re not saying that meat gift packages are completely new, far from it. However, there are a lot of brands to choose from so even though the concept isn’t new, try a new player on the scene so your gift will still fall under that “unique gift” category. 

6) Dad, Uncle Bob, Brother Jack, and Brother-In-Law Joe are all impossible to buy for:

But not when you buy a meat package, or specifically a beef package. Steaks will definitely put a smile on their faces! 

7) This year we’re still cooking a lot from home, but back to gathering with family and friends:

This holiday season will be a little different than the others. Perhaps even better than before. We’re going to appreciate those meals and smiles around the table more than we ever have, so it’s important to make those gatherings as special as they can be. That’s why high-quality meats like beef packages from Goodstock By Nolan Ryan make so much sense.  When you include our beef in your special occasion, you can be certain it’ll be as good as it gets.   

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Texans in your life, or anyone who appreciates the culture of the Lone Star state, Goodstock By Nolan Ryan offers Texas beef  packages starting at $69.99. Visit to get started.