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Look Inside an Antique Dealer’s Dream Home in Round Top

Inspired by the tower atop an old house in the movie "Secondhand Lions," the Kleinwachters decided to incorporate a 19th-century church steeple as a focal point on the exterior of the house.

Photography by Ryann Ford

On a ten-acre plot of rolling green grass between Round Top and La Grange, Amy and Brian Kleinwachter, the owners of Old World Antieks, and their two children are barbecuing in the salvaged silo kitchen in the backyard of their dream home. The Kleinwachters, who own Old World Antieks, built their home almost entirely out of architectural antiques and salvaged materials from around the world.

The Kleinwachters both inherited what Brian calls “the old antique bug.” After a childhood spent exploring his mom’s three antique stores, he made a career of dealing at antique shows around Colorado, where he met Amy. “We met at one of the shows,” Brian says. ”She was a customer, I was selling, and the sparks flew.”

After moving to Round Top, the Kleinwachters bought a 1920s two-bedroom barn house and opened up Old World Antieks in La Grange, which has grown into a 40,000 square-foot maze of hand-picked treasures from thirteen countries.

Now that the Kleinwachters know the potential of salvaged materials, they’re already thinking about their next project. “Our goal someday is to build another house like this in the area,” Brian says. “Maybe we will do that once a year and make every house unique and different, using all these great-reclaimed materials like the ones we have in our house.”

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  • sliceoftruth

    I am mesmerized by their wonderful house and great article about the salvage business. Can’t wait to go to Round Top.

  • Kiki Goshay

    Great article. I want to meet this couple and see all of their treasures. Reuse is the greenest way to build too.

  • Debra Parrish

    My dream is to visit their Old World Antieks shop one day. Love this article about their beautiful home.

  • Brenda Lee Bolts

    Gorgeous house…it looks like Heaven and their store is so amazing, I never want to leave!!

  • Brenda Venable

    Super cool place! Love this house! So cozy! Great Article!

  • Michele McCeig Estes

    I like their style….except all the words and phrases all over everything. Makes it appear a tad junky.

  • Great Living

    Unbelievably cool!

  • Michelle

    This is a fabulous house! But please Texas Monthly check your facts. Make sure you get those tiny towns right. There is no Warrington, it is WARRENTON. Your writer may or may not be from Texas, but they should know how to fact check, especially when you write for a publication with the state in the title get the towns right.

    • Brenda Venable

      Well it didn’t state a town in Texas and it does say it came from New York.. I assume that is because it came from Warrington Pa. You,might check your facts too..