On a ten-acre plot of rolling green grass between Round Top and La Grange, Amy and Brian Kleinwachter, the owners of Old World Antieks, and their two children are barbecuing in the salvaged silo kitchen in the backyard of their dream home. The Kleinwachters, who own Old World Antieks, built their home almost entirely out of architectural antiques and salvaged materials from around the world.

The Kleinwachters both inherited what Brian calls “the old antique bug.” After a childhood spent exploring his mom’s three antique stores, he made a career of dealing at antique shows around Colorado, where he met Amy. “We met at one of the shows,” Brian says. ”She was a customer, I was selling, and the sparks flew.”

After moving to Round Top, the Kleinwachters bought a 1920s two-bedroom barn house and opened up Old World Antieks in La Grange, which has grown into a 40,000 square-foot maze of hand-picked treasures from thirteen countries.

Now that the Kleinwachters know the potential of salvaged materials, they’re already thinking about their next project. “Our goal someday is to build another house like this in the area,” Brian says. “Maybe we will do that once a year and make every house unique and different, using all these great-reclaimed materials like the ones we have in our house.”