Cristina Lynch, the founder of Mi Golondrina, the fashion line of modern Mexican shirts, dresses, and skirts, is taking tamales out of the oven in her family’s home, in Dallas. These tamales have been wrapped not with corn husks in the traditional Tex-Mex way, but instead with banana leaves in the Oaxacan style. A place close to her family’s heart, Oaxaca is a recurring theme throughout the inviting house, from the artwork and textiles to ceramics and sculptures.

“Steaming in the banana leaves ensures that the tamales emerge tender, moist, and light,” Lynch, who is always in motion, explains as she stacks the tamales in one of her mother’s many colorful Mexican pottery serving pieces. “They are just delicious!” she says, pausing to take in the savory aroma before jetting off to add the dish to the abundant spread in the dining room. Like her mother (whom she is named after), Lynch is constantly hosting and tends to love any excuse for a party. But because of her family’s Mexican heritage, rooted in her mom’s hometown of Torreón—in the state of Coahuila, just a few hours away from the ranch her grandfather ran—Cinco de Mayo is one of her favorite occasions.

“Although it originated to commemorate the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo has grown in the United States into a broader celebration of Mexican culture. A specific event can provide an occasion to appreciate and celebrate the other wonderful things and people in your life. And I think that’s a beautiful idea.”