On a recent Saturday morning, I found myself barreling out toward the Hill Country in my old, rather unreliable Ford Ranger, croissant and coffee in hand. As I drove, the Austin skyline grew smaller in my rearview mirror, replaced by dark, ominous storm clouds that seem specific to Texas skies. The rains came, quickly and heavily, forcing me and my hydroplaning truck to pull over in a gas station parking lot, where I realized that, in addition to needing new tires, I also needed to fix my air conditioner. But the storm passed as quickly as it came and I, now a little shaken up and not a little sweaty, continued on to my destination: a KKDW welding workshop.

The KKDW workshops are led by husband-wife duo Kelly DeWitt Norman and Travis Norman on their expansive property, in Fischer. The couple, who met in a recording studio almost seven years ago, run a custom floral design, fabrication, and furniture business. The Normans have established a reputation for quality work that is both beautiful and functional; it’s this expertise that has led them to curate intimate welding and floral design workshops.