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Style & Design

Hogg House in the Hills

Every room in the home has its own balcony or terrace, connecting the space with the outdoors and the far-reaching vistas. Hogg worked closely with celebrated Austin architect Kevin Alter of The Alter Studio.

Photography by Wynn Myers

Tucked away in the West Lake Hills of Austin is a glass and steel modern marvel that looks out onto a jaw-dropping view of downtown and beyond. But within its walls lies an inviting abode filled with continental antiques: a china collection one could only dream of, painstakingly detailed Dutch Masters paintings, and a pair of five-foot-tall sixteenth-century figurines. It’s a study in the dramatic juxtaposition of old and new, and it’s all the mastermind of Dr. John Hogg, a high-energy retired radiologist who is a direct descendant of General Joseph Lewis Hogg, the grandfather of Ima Hogg. John keeps his family history alive in each room of the three-level home that he shares with his husband, David Garza, who was also the builder. Take a tour for lessons on marrying the past and present.

Tags: Style, antiques, Ima Hogg, John Hogg, Modern Austin House, Westlake


  • Linda Grace

    LOVE.IT. I love the mix of the antique and the modern, the classical and the whimsical. Thank you for a peek into Dr. Hogg’s and Mr. Garza’s home!

  • Elisabeth Austin

    Great pictures….