In our series Stuff Texans Love, our state’s most stylish celebrities share their shopping lists.

Kendra Scott, the jewelry tycoon and mother to six kids and several boisterous dogs, knows what she wants for Mother’s Day, and it has four legs and tiny horns. “You’re going to laugh at me, but we bought a ranch, and I have become such a farm girl,” she says, with the easy warmth of someone who may be spending more time on her tractor than running her billion-dollar company. (Scott stepped down as CEO of Kendra Scott LLC in 2021, but is still the company’s executive chairwoman.) “I have two goats right now, Fred and Ethel, and now I want two little Nigerian Dwarf goats. I keep sending pictures of baby goats to my family as a hint—I love them. They follow me around everywhere.”

While not all moms may be hankering for livestock, Scott’s list of go-to self-care items, new-parent gift ideas, and other treasures will make many a mother swoon. And, given her family’s generational penchant for cowboy boots, she’s got some favorite ropers for her sons on her mind, too.

The Cloud Cotton Robe

Scott, who began her dynasty as a young mom walking shop to shop in Austin selling her homemade jewelry, baby in tow, is a fan of supporting female entrepreneurs. So it’s no surprise she would love Parachute, the home goods store founded by Ariel Kaye, who launched the company while raising young kids. Scott covets their Cloud Cotton robe so much that she has four in different colors. “It’s gauzy cotton and so cozy.” The Cloud Cotton is her favorite gift for new moms, along with its matching swaddling blankets for the babies. “Being a Texas mom, I appreciate these because they’re lightweight. You can get a good swaddle on your baby.”

The Earl Men’s Roper Boots

Scott, who calls herself “a Texas girl at heart,” hails from a family of cowboy boot lovers. “My dad always wore cowboy boots, and my sons wear them like tennis shoes.” Her dad passed down more than a dozen pairs to his grandsons, who covet them. “My dad tells them all the time, ‘You’re literally walking in my shoes,’ which is so sweet.” And when her sons are not wearing their granddad’s boots, they are sporting Tecovas ropers. “I think it’s such a great Texas company,” Scott says, “and I’m just excited to see what they’re doing.”

The Cloud Cotton Robe. Courtesy of Parachute
GOOPGLOW Morning Skin Superpowder.
GOOPGLOW Morning Skin Superpowder. Courtesy of goop

GOOPGLOW Morning Skin Superpowder

Kendra’s daily morning ritual begins with a dose of this vitamin-infused powdered drink from Gwyneth Paltrow’s beauty and well-being empire. “It tastes like Tang, for us old folks that used to drink Tang back in the day.” With vitamins C and E, CoQ10, grape-seed extracts, and other antioxidants, it’s a beauty-stimulator from within.  “I just feel like my skin, hair, nails, mood, everything is boosted,” says Scott.

Kendra Scott Dira Pendant Necklace

The Dira Pendant Necklace, Scott’s personal go-to piece of jewelry this spring, is all of the things that Scott’s designs are known for: colorful, easily layered, affordable.  A gold medallion in the shape of the curvy KS logo, the Dira comes in shades of rose, ivory, and sky blue, with mother-of-pearl accents. “I love all of the iconic KS shapes that I can always layer in. This one really gives that pop of color and is great mixed in with fine jewelry.”

Lululemon Studio Mirror

During COVID, Scott discovered just how far a little dose of yoga will take her. “I’ve realized that I need it in my life. Even if it’s thirty minutes, I need that time to breathe, stretch, move. It changes my whole mood, everything.” Because she doesn’t have much time to make it to a studio, the Mirror by Lululemon in her home gym is her go-to yoga class. “I love, love, love it. I basically have a personal trainer and yoga teacher in my house whenever it’s convenient for me.”

Raffia Clogs

Scott has done away with pointy high-heeled shoes. “I think after COVID, my feet and legs are like, what is this? No more. So I need a good block heel.” In comes Dolce Vita, a brand with shoes so comfy Scott says they feel like wearing slippers. She loves their raffia slides and their raffia clogs and bought about seven different pairs for this spring and summer. “I’m wearing their clog today, and everybody’s asking, ‘What are those?’ They think they’re super expensive, but no, they’re Dolce Vita. I love mixing high-low, and Dolce Vita is a great way to do it.”

Brass bookends from Wesley and Rose.
Brass bookends from Wesley and Rose. Courtesy of Wesley and Rose

Wesley and Rose Brass Figurines

Scott’s Austin home, a lavish Italian villa meets whimsical family lake house, shines with the style of female Texas creatives: interior design by Fern Santini and Amy Lutz, a striking art collection curated by Amy Sawtelle, and accent pieces sourced from Wesley and Rose Curios, an online vintage boutique founded by Scott’s former employee, Celeste Chumlea. (You can see all of these women’s work in an eye-popping online video tour of the four-year project for Architectural Digest; in it, Scott guides you through her mansion, smiling in a pine-green dress.)

Foremost on her home decor favorites list is her vintage brass figurine collection, mostly sourced from Wesley and Rose. “I know this sounds so weird, but I’ve got them sprinkled everywhere: brass giraffes and elephants, brass apples sitting next to my dishes, a cute brass cowboy boot that’s stuck inside a big agave plant. They’re quirky and fun and remind me of ones my mom had when I was young.”