Eliana Bernard, a 27-year-old Amarillo native, discovered her signature marbled ceramics style one day in her East Austin studio as she experimented with mixing white and black liquid clay in a mold, in a process called slip casting. Her first piece was small, a pair of earrings. But over time she developed an entire dinnerware collection, which included statement pieces like gold-rimmed glossy mugs and more subtle matte serving trays. The pattern on each piece was unique, and the collection caught the attention of many Texas shops, as well as national magazines like Food & Wine.

Bernard, who fell in love with ceramics as a junior at UT-Austin, has continued to learn and evolve her process in the year since she dedicated herself full-time to ceramics. One aha moment came as she brought bright colors into the marbling mix, creating an entirely new and more whimsical feel. A whole collection ensued: vases and mugs fittingly deemed the Candy Marbled Collection. Not even Bernard is sure what’s next, and for now she’s still processing that she gets to do this for a living. “I love seeing an idea go from a sketch to an actual object that exists in the world.” 

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