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Style & Design

Take a Tour of Designer Hayden Lasher’s Childhood Home in Houston

The handbag mogul shares memories and favorite features of her father’s River Oaks estate.

After almost a decade in New York City, Hayden Lasher, the celebrated handbag designer and great-grandniece of fashion icon Henri Bendel, has returned to her hometown of Houston with her husband and young daughter. While they renovate a house in Tanglewood, she is spending time in her childhood home in River Oaks where her father still lives. “I have so many memories from this house—rolling down the hill in the backyard, putting on choreographed dances in the foyer, creating concoctions in the kitchen of anything and everything we can find in the kitchen,” she says of the home, which was built in 1965. “The house has always had that extra touch of glamour that has inspired many of my designs.” She shared a tour of the grand estate’s storied rooms, which are filled with art, fine French antiques, rare books, hand-painted walls, and plush textiles. “The best part about being back in Texas is the people. Being near my family has been a huge positive, and everyone here is so friendly,” she says. “You can’t beat Southern hospitality.”

Tags: Style, Hayden Lasher, Alfred Lasher, River Oaks Houston


  • Mollie Bloome

    How about some diversity, Lauren? We’ve already gotten a lot of white designers lounging on sofas.

  • Patrick in Houston

    So who is her father? failed to see his name in article.