Why hire an architect, an interior designer, a graphic designer, and an image consultant when one person can do the whole job? That’s the idea 29-year-old Trinh Pham has been building on since she earned an architecture degree from the University of Houston in 1991. Her first big job had her designing the interior of Kim Son, a 22,000-square-foot Vietnamese restaurant in Houston; Saigon-born Pham procured art objects from Vietnam and illustrated the menus with drawings of her native land. More recently, she has created promotional pieces for Continental Airlines and the art gallery Ar-té-fact, and she has given Atlas Travel—the city’s largest independent agency—a complete makeover, from the decor of its offices to its company letterhead. Her next project: mass-marketing her own line of earthy, leather-bound journals. “You can hand-make one beautiful little object for one person,” Pham says. “Why shouldn’t a lot of people be able to have that?”