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Subscriber Demographics

Rate base 300,000   n/a
Male/female ratio 59%/41% 121/80  
Average age 58   46
Attended or graduated college 88% 160  
Postgraduate study or degree 32% 296  
Household income      
  $200,000 or more 17% 373  
  $150,000 or more 30% 282  
  $100,000 or more 52% 206  
  $75,000 or more 66% 169  
Average subscriber household income $169,100   $75,565
Median subscriber household income $104,900   $60,194
Net worth      
  $1,000,000 or more 31% n/a  
  $750,000 or more 41% n/a  
  $500,000 or more 54% n/a  
  $200,000 or more 75% n/a  
Average subscriber net worth $1,167,000   n/a
Median subscriber net worth $582,000   n/a
Professional/managerial* 77% 204  
Owner/partner* 29% 463  
Own home 91% 129  
Own secondary real estate 48% n/a  
Average number of past
4 issues read
3.7   n/a
Average number of times
pick up a typical issue
3.8   n/a
Average time spent
with typical issue
1.4 hours   42 minutes
Took action as a result of reading
TEXAS MONTHLY (past 12 months)
92% n/a  

Source: 2011 TEXAS MONTHLY Subscriber Study, Ipsos Mendelshon.