Photograph by Arturo Olmos; illustration by Elena Boils


Texas is the center of the taco universe, and we at Texas Monthly are setting out to prove it. Starting on National Taco Day, October 4, we’re rolling out a week’s worth of stories on all things taco with de todo un poco, or a “little of everything.” The week culminates in the release of taco editor José R. Ralat’s top 25 taquerias from the November 2022 issue of the magazine.

National Taco Day has a great history. It was started by the National Taco Council, which was established in San Antonio in the early sixties and became known for outlandish PR moves in its pursuit of uplifting the iconic Tex-Mex dish.

In honor of this legacy, Texas Monthly staffers have written a series of stories that examine the impact of the taco—on politics, on culture, on business, and on our personal lives.

Tacos in all their manifestations—wrapped in corn or flour, and from breakfast to late-night snack—are within arm’s reach of every Texan. We think there’s something beautiful about that.

Welcome to Texas Monthly’s Taco Week.

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