The Texanist

Nov 14, 2014 By David Courtney

Our estimable advice columnist on domino-nothings, reconnecting with your roots, procuring public property, and the ineffable appeal of the frozen mango margarita.

Playing the “National Game of Texas”

Feb 1, 2012 By Katy Vine

The Texas State Championship 42 Domino Tournament is in Hallettsville  this weekend, and members of the Austin 42 Club, the largest league in the state, prepare for the big game.

How to Play 42

Apr 30, 2008 By Andrea Valdez

About 120 years ago, two boys from Trapps Springs (now Garner) were caught in a forbidden pastime: playing cards. Their parents burned the offending deck and whipped the disobedient youngsters, but this led William Thomas and Walter Earl to find a loophole in the rules. “In those days Baptists considered…