Assassination at 35

The Assassination at 35

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

A handsome young president, a convertible limousine, a sniper, three shots (we think), and our lives were changed forever. A special report on what is, for many, the defining event of the past fifty years.

Conspiracy Dearies

Nov 1, 1998 By Texas Monthly

It took a couple of seconds for the president to be killed, 35 years for mountains of conflicting evidence to pile up, and two months for associate editor Michael Hall and assistant editor Pamela Colloff to sift through it all and compile a sort of highlight reel of Kennedy assassination…

The Evidence

Nov 1, 1998 By Texas Monthly

The magic bullet, the president’s jacket, Oswald’s camera, and other artifacts from the National Archives.

The Two Oswalds

Nov 1, 1998 By Joe Nick Patoski

It’s the most intriguing theory of all: two men with the same identity, one a patsy and the other a murderer who got off scot-free.