Austin Food & Wine Festival

Austin Food & Wine Festival announces finalized schedule

Jan 30, 2013 By Texas Monthly and Layne Lynch

Yesterday, the Austin Food & Wine Festival announced the finalized schedulefor the 2013 festival, which takes place April 26-28 at Auditorium Shores. The culinary event features a plethora of seminars including Drinking Vinegars & Shrubs, Classic Desserts in a Modern Kitchen, Qui Ingredients, It’s Tailgate Time In Texas,…

Build a Better Margarita and They Will Come

Apr 30, 2012 By Patricia Sharpe

Sangrita, tequila, and flavored salts From Jim's session (but they're another story) [caption id="attachment_501703" align="alignleft" width="680"]<img class="size-full wp-image-501703" src="" alt="texanist clothing" width="680" height="965" /> Do I need to update my jeans style?[/caption] <strong><span class="dropcap">Q:</span> I have always been “wear and let wear” when it comes…

In Review: The Austin Food & Wine Festival

Apr 30, 2012 By Layne Lynch

For months, a great deal of hype and anticipation surrounded this weekend’s Austin Food & Wine Festival, and yet even before the festival commenced, extensive criticism began plaguing it. Many critics from around Texas and Austin bemoaned the rather pricey tickets: $850 is a pretty penny to have to pay…