Politics & Policy|
September 30, 1998

Two for Texas

Candidates Rick Perry and John Sharp donÕt agree on much, but they both say the race for lieutenant governor is the most important one on the ballot this fall. They’re right.

September 30, 1998

Running Right

Forget about the hair (and the tattoos). Ricky Williams has his head screwed on straight, which is why he’s still playing football at the University of Texas.

The Ex Files|
September 30, 1998

Joel Coen

I came to Austin in 1979 because I was married to a woman in the graduate program in linguistics at the University of Texas. I enrolled in the graduate film school there, but after one semester I quit. I had just gotten out of New York University, and my leaving

September 30, 1998

CD and Book Reviews

Hot CDs“You’ve got to market this music like you were a dope dealer.” So goes a line in “Village Idiot Savant,” the opening track of The Right to Remain Silent (Heiress Aesthetic) by Cottonmouth, Texas, the nom de guerre of Jeff Liles, who was rapping when Vanilla Ice was still

Low Talk|
August 31, 1998

War Is Hell

Why the Austin American-Stateman’s film critic is under seige.

August 31, 1998

CD and Book Reviews

Hot CDsI was already familiar with James Brown’s Say It Live and Loud (Polygram), which was recorded live at Memorial Auditorium in Dallas on August 26, 1968. I was there, a couple of rows back from the front, and hearing it all over again is one sweet pleasure: the tight,

August 31, 1998

Lori Heuring

Lori Heuring has a very pragmatic view of the very unpredictable world of show business: It’s a target, and right now she is in one of the large outer circles. “The bigger the circle, the more room you have to move around,” she says. “That’s where I am now—acting and

August 31, 1998

Success by Design

At Texas’ top industrial design firm, the old style-versus-substance debate is a nonstarter: Why choose when you can have both?

Politics & Policy|
June 30, 1998

Situation Wanted

Headline: Situation Wanted by Evan SmithThe revolving door between politics and the media is swinging furiously in New York and Washington, D.C., so why should it be any different in Austin? In this year’s race for attorney general, for instance, the major party candidates have hired journalists as their spokespersons:

September 30, 1995

Walker, Texas Writer

Mary Willis Walker’s mysteries aren’t exactly original, but she crafts real moments of tension. That’s why they sell so well and win so many awards.

July 31, 1995

LaFave Rave

Jimmy LaFave’s great new CD might propel him from Austin to the big time—if that were what he wanted.

July 31, 1995

A Killer Sequel

Sorry, Bob Dole. Austin director Robert Rodriguez’s follow-up to El Mariachi may be violent, but it’s also art.

June 30, 1995

Tiger’s Beat

An Austin attorney tears into the government’s case against a suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing.

May 31, 1995

Call Me Clevio

I had everything it took to win the Mr. Romance Cover Model pageant—except for the looks and the body.

April 1, 1995

Net Worker

When Susan Hadden was murdered, the country lost a visionary thinker on the information highway and the Internet.

April 1, 1995

A Fan’s Notes

For sixty years, Austinite Raymond Daum befriended Hollywood’s biggest stars. Now he’s selling off his memories.

April 1, 1995

Darkness Audible

Shawn Colvin, the latest pop émigré to land in Austin, sets the record straight on her long and difficult road to stardom.

True Crime|
January 1, 1995

Breaking the Bank

Gambling became a way of life for young Josh Levine. When he got in too deep, he came to believe that only a holdup could get him out.

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