Bob Perry

The Legacy of Bob Perry

Apr 15, 2013 By brian sweany and Paul Burka

Bob Perry, the Houston homebuilder and mega contributor to Republican causes and, in the 2004 presidential race, the Swift Boat Vets, passed away at him home this weekend at the age of 80.

Power Company

Jan 20, 2013 By Paul Burka, Patricia Hart and Nate Blakeslee

As we head into the most critical legislative session in decades—maybe ever—the question is not just, Who are the people with the most clout at the Capitol? It’s also, What do they want?

Bob Perry Needs a Hug

Jan 20, 2013 By S. C. Gwynne

Houston homebuilder Bob Perry was the nation's largest individual political donor and the man criticized for helping to popularize “Swift boat” as a verb.

Business as Usual

Jan 20, 2013 By Nate Blakeslee

Who’s the toughest opponent for Republicans who want to crack down on illegal immigration? Other Republicans.

Where is Bob Perry?

Oct 23, 2011 By Paul Burka

The Huffington Post web site noted yesterday that Rick Perry’s biggest career donor, Bob Perry, has not yet contributed to the governor’s presidential campaign. A likely reason is Rick Perry’s support for legislation that adversely impacts Latinos, such as Voter I.D. laws and sanctuary cities policies. Perry flip-flopped on…

Hunting for Quayles

Aug 7, 2010 By Paul Burka

I’m out here in the Four Corners area, and there has been some pretty interesting politics going on. In Arizona, Ben Quayle, the thirty-three year old son of the former vice-president, is running for the hotly contested Republican primary in the 3rd district. One publication has already reported that Quayle…

Watchdog group puts Perry on its “worst governors” list

Apr 22, 2010 By Paul Burka

The group is called CREW -- for "Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington" -- and Perry was one of eleven governors to make the worst list. His compatriots, in alphabetical order, were: Haley Barbour (R-MS) Donald Carcieri (R-RI) Jim Gibbons (R-NV) Bobby Jindal (R-LA) David Paterson (D-NY) Sonny Perdue (R-GA) Rick Perry (R-TX) Bill Richardson (D-NM) Mike Rounds (R-SD) Mark Sanford (R-SC) Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA). Sanford, Paterson, and Richardson would be on anybody's list. CREW's release includes brief profiles of each governor and his transgressions and a link to the full report. Here is the full report on Perry: Rick Perry (R-TX) assumed the office of governor of Texas in 2000 when George W. Bush became president. He was elected to a full four-year term in 2002, reelected in 2006 and is running again in 2010. Gov. Perry: • Allegedly disregarded campaign finance laws and aided a business that was especially generous to his campaign • Refused to operate transparently, and has blocked access to information related to a death penalty case • Rejected federal stimulus funds in a manner that appeared to put partisan politics ahead of the interests of the citizens of Texas • Has perpetuated the revolving door between government and special interests • Accepted travel and campaign donations from a business that received benefits from his official actions • Used campaign funds for a personal trip with questionable relevance to his campaign for office CHARGE ONE: CAMPAIGN FINANCE PROBLEMS A lawsuit filed by Christopher Bell, Gov. Perry’s opponent in the 2006 campaign for governor, alleged that errors in campaign finance reports obscured the source of $1 million in contributions. Attorneys for Mr. Bell further alleged that the $1 million in question, purportedly from the Republican Governors Association (RGA), was actually a conduit contribution from Texas homebuilder Bob Perry (no relation to the governor), who had cut a check to the RGA for the same amount just days earlier. According to Mr. Bell’s lawyers, the RGA deliberately misclassified the donation on campaign finance reports and “effectively kept anybody from knowing what was going on about these contributions.” Bob and Doylene Perry, owners of Perry Homes of Houston, have donated $840,000 directly to Gov. Perry’s campaign committee—not including the alleged $1 million contribution made through the RGA—and the Perrys’ industry seems to have benefited from the governor’s official actions. In 2003, Gov. Perry helped push through legislation creating the Texas Residential Construction Commission, a state body that is supposed to handle complaints against homebuilders. Within a month of receiving a $100,000 donation from Bob Perry, Gov. Perry appointed Perry Homes executive John R. Krugh—who reportedly helped write the law creating [the TRCC]. [Footnotes indicating sources have been omitted throughout]

State Secrets

Nov 25, 2008 By Eileen Smith

Burka and Eileen preview the legislative sunset: How does an agency “misplace” $1 billion? Or lose one-third of its criminal files? Or let the governor’s mansion get torched? Or screw Texas homeowners? Don’t get mad, get even. Honorably mentioned: Steve Ogden, Lois Kolkhorst, John Carona, and Wayne Smith. Not so…