That’s Oil, Folks!

Jan 20, 2013 By Skip Hollandsworth

Forget the Outer Continental Shelf. There’s a good old-fashioned boom happening in Midland, thanks to a crafty drilling technique that unlocked the secret reserves of the Permian Basin and revived the late, great West Texas oilman.

Oil and Water

Jan 20, 2013 By Paul Burka

The spill in the Gulf is just the latest in a string of catastrophic regulatory failures that prove how incompetent government is. And how important it is.

Spills and Bills

Jan 20, 2013 By Mimi Swartz

The BP oil spill hit the small world of Houston’s oil and gas business hard. So now that the well is plugged, who’s up and who’s down?

Eva vs. Goliath

Jan 20, 2013 By Mimi Swartz

After James and Linda Rowe were killed in a grisly refinery explosion in Texas City in 2005, their wild-child daughter could have taken a modest settlement and started to rebuild her life in a small Louisiana border town. Instead, she chose to fight—and brought a multibillion-dollar oil company to its knees.

Talking Points Memo: Barton under more fire from R’s

Jun 20, 2010 By Paul Burka

Linking to a story from The Hill, The Web site TPM.com says that “an increasing number of Republicans” are calling on Joe Barton to resign as ranking member of the committee that oversees energy (among several other critical regulatory responsibilities.) Majority leader Mitch McConnell added, “I couldn’t disagree with Joe…

Another BP victim

Jun 15, 2010 By Paul Burka

From the Oil Drum blog: The P&J Oyster Company, the oldest oyster processor and distributor in New Orleans, has stopped shucking oysters because of the oil spill.

Can the oil spill threaten Texas?

Jun 3, 2010 By Paul Burka

I spent a day with Texas A&M oceanographers in late May, and here was their assessment: Around early June, currents in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico tend shift so that they run northward toward the shore and eastward toward the Mississippi delta. This pattern will probably last for the rest…

PR according to BP

Jun 3, 2010 By Paul Burka

First, CEO Tony Hayward says he wants his life back from the oil spill. (We’d like our ocean back.) Then Randy Prescott of BP Houston observes, “Louisiana isn’t the only place that has shrimp.” Prescott’s name and phone number have been spread over the Internet. Then BP decides to hire…

Is the BP disaster an act of God?

May 4, 2010 By Paul Burka

That was a weird comment for the governor to make. He can’t possibly substantiate his statement. Is he so anti-litigation that he is trying to protect the perpetrators? In any event, Black’s Law Dictionary defines an act of God as “An act occasioned exclusively by violence of nature without the…