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Follow the Money

Aug 19, 2015 By Jeff Salamon

A by-the-numbers look at how much Texas will spend, per person, on a variety of budgetary items.


Apr 1, 2015 By Erica Grieder

It’s hard to argue with results of the House debate over the budget bill.

The Deal

May 25, 2013 By brian sweany and Paul Burka

The sticking point in the budget negotiations between the House and Senate was the System Benefit Fund.

The Budget Moves Forward

May 23, 2013 By brian sweany and Paul Burka

They should have stamped “fragile” on the House budget package. That is how tricky it was to assemble. Chairman Pitts tried to explain to the tea party members that there was no money in SJR 1; it’s just a vessel for moving future payments into the Rainy Day Fund for…