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Perry on evolution/creationism

Aug 19, 2011 By Paul Burka

Readers are no doubt aware that Perry was asked by a child in New Hampshire “how old the earth was.” Before Perry could respond, the boy’s mother urged him to ask about evolution. Perry responded, “Your mom is asking about evolution. You know, that’s a theory that’s out there;…

Dispatches from the evolution wars

Feb 17, 2010 By Paul Burka

This is my transcript of a portion of a radio debate that took place in Bryan last week between State Board of Education candidates Don McLeroy, the incumbent, and Thomas Ratliff in the Republican primary race for SBOE district 9. The district runs north from the Bryan-College Station…

Slow to Evolve

Dec 1, 2008 By Katy Vine

The reason so many Texans testified in favor of strong language supporting evolution in the TEKS is because they’re having to play defense and they’re losing.

The Dinosaur Darwin Missed

Nov 1, 1982 By Dale S. Turner

Side by side near a Texas river are dinosaur tracks and what appear to be the marks of a human foot—proof, in the creationist mind, that evolution is bunk.