The Daily Post |
December 4, 2014

How Much of a Difference Would Police Body Cameras Really Make?

It's better to have video evidence than not, but those who present police body cameras as a solution to our national predicament involving police relations need to look at cases from Jasper, Texas, to New York City to see that the problem is more complicated than that.

Politics & Policy |
June 10, 2014

Perry Report Card: Criminal Justice

Yesterday, when we unveiled the cover of our July issue featuring Rick Perry, we also told you about “The Perry Report Card,” an upcoming magazine feature where, as the title suggests, we graded the tenure of the governor on eight areas of public policy. We invited you to weigh

The Culture |
June 6, 2014

High-Heel Homicide

After Ana Trujillo was arrested in the bludgeoning death of her lover, she hired lawyer Jack Carroll to represent her in what became Houston’s splashiest trial of the spring. Did I mention that Carroll is my brother-in-law? And that the murder weapon was a cobalt-blue, five-and-a-half-inch stiletto?