Dallas’s Design District

Apr 30, 2012 By Stirling Kelso

This once-industrial enclave has been reborn as the city's trendiest new spot. Here's a guide to the area's acclaimed restaurants, chic stores, and daring art galleries.

Abilene Strippers Suing Over Backpay

Dec 15, 2011 By Sonia Smith

Four strippers from Abilene are suing their employer in hopes of recouping overtime and unpaid wages they would have been entitled to if they were considered employees instead of contractors.

Babes in the ’Hoods

Apr 1, 1997 By Skip Hollandsworth

Thought the competition between Texas cities was over? Until my daughter was born in Dallas and a friend’s was born in Austin, so did I.

The Crossing

Apr 1, 1997 By Robert Draper

If U.S. officials put an end to illegal trips across the Rio Grande at Boquillas, the enchanting border town will find itself caught between countries and cultures. Of course, that’s where it has always been.