David Dewhurst

The David Dewhurst Exit Interview

Nov 13, 2014 By Erica Grieder

After twelve years in office and two crushing political defeats, the soon-to-be-former lieutenant governor gamely discusses his tenure and Texas’s future. Just don’t ask him about Dan Patrick.

Master of the Senate

Nov 5, 2014 By Texas Monthly and Erica Grieder

The next lieutenant governor is a former radio shock jock who became one of the most conservative members of the Legislature. How will Dan Patrick act now that he is one of the most powerful officials in Texas?

Last Call for the Candidates for Lieutenant Governor

Jan 28, 2014 By brian sweany and Paul Burka

The situation in Fort Worth, in which a pregnant woman named Marlise Muñoz was brain dead and was carrying an abnormal fetus, is truly tragic for the family. It was revolting to see Dan Patrick try to exploit the situation to demand that Texas law be changed, following a decision…

Primary Lessons

Jan 20, 2014 By Paul Burka

If 2014 is the year everything is supposed to change in Texas politics, why do the campaigns feel so irrelevant?

(Another) Shocking Dewhurst Phone Call!

Dec 11, 2013 By Texas Monthly and the Bum Steers News staff

In August a recording surfaced of the lieutenant governor asking the Allen Police Department to help spring a recently arrested relative from jail. As one unsuspecting pizza salesman also learned this year, it wasn't the only time the lite guv not so deftly attempted to throw his weight around.

The Coup Against Dew

Sep 17, 2013 By Paul Burka

Most people seem to agree that Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst is a decent, reasonable fellow with good intentions. So why is he having to fight for his job?

Texas Tribune Insider’s Poll

Aug 28, 2013 By brian sweany and Paul Burka

I didn’t make the list of the Texas Tribune insiders, but I’m going to try to have my say about the survey on the lieutenant governor’s race nonetheless. First, I think Dewhurst’s 11 percent is too low. There are enough mainstream conservatives left in the Republican party that…

The Dew’s Latest

Aug 28, 2013 By brian sweany and Paul Burka

The lieutenant governor was quoted as saying, "It's my hope, friends, that about a year from now that people are saying, 'Why were we talking about Wendy Davis?" What he should be worried about is whether people will be saying, about a year from now, "Why were we talking about David Dewhurst?"

Regarding David Dewhurst

May 24, 2013 By brian sweany and Paul Burka

Poor David Dewhurst. He occupies what was once widely considered to be the most powerful office in the state. Now he is reduced to begging Rick Perry to help him pass his pet legislation so that he can have something to take to the voters. Dewhurst has had plenty of…

Dew Gets Booed

Jan 21, 2013 By Sonia Smith

The audience, which had loudly applauded most of Governor Perry's speech, started booing when he reiterated his support for Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.

Is the Ted Cruz Express on Track?

Jan 21, 2013 By Jason Cohen

David Dewhurst's challenger for Kay Bailey Hutchison's Senate seat has the support of Sarah Palin, and Ron and Rand Paul, but a new poll predicts there still won't be a run-off.