Michael Dell’s Victory

Sep 13, 2013 By Loren Steffy

After seven months of wrangling and a shareholder vote that was rescheduled three times, Dell has finally prevailed in his $24.9 billion bid to take his namesake company private.

Michael Dell

Apr 30, 2004 By Evan Smith

The 39-year-old computer mogul on stepping down as CEO of the company he founded, why he doesn’t play footsie with the press (hey!), and the product line he should have launched years ago.


Mar 1, 1999 By Gary Chapman

The war between Compaq and Dell has gone online. Guess who’s winning?

Pay Check

Sep 30, 1998 By Graef Crystal

Michael Dell earned nearly $34 million in 1997. Was he worth it? Find out in our roundup of the most overpaid and underpaid CEOs in Texas.

Success by Design

Aug 31, 1998 By Patricia Sharpe

At Texas’ top industrial design firm, the old style-versus-substance debate is a nonstarter: Why choose when you can have both?