Education Reform

Old College Try

May 10, 2013 By Jake Silverstein

Gene Powell, the University of Texas Board of Regents chairman, on the controversies over higher education and the future of learning.

Margaret Spellings

Apr 30, 2008 By Evan Smith

“If someone can show me a way that we’re going to attend to the needs of kids without finding out where they are, without diagnosing the problem, I’m all ears. But it’s not possible.”

Learning His Lesson

Mar 1, 1998 By Paul Burka

George W. Bush’s plan to teach every child how to read by the third grade is unquestionably the right thing to do. So how come he’s gotten such mixed reviews? (“We’ve had a hard time,” admits a Bush staffer.) The answer, like much of politics these days, is in the…

Perot and Con

Jul 31, 1996 By Paul Burka

From the war on drugs to education and his new Reform Party, Ross Perot has ideas about everything. Too bad they’re usually wrong.

Four for Four

May 31, 1995 By Paul Burka

George W. Bush got elected governor by promising to focus on welfare, education, tort reform, and juvenile crime. After his first one hundred days, he’s batting a thousand.