Williams v. Patrick

Jun 24, 2013 By brian sweany and Paul Burka

In the ongoing sniper fire that is taking place between Senate Finance chair Tommy Williams and Education chair Dan Patrick, I am in total agreement with Williams. If you are appointed to the Finance committee, you are obligated to support the committee’s work. This has been the practice…

The Curse of Romeo and Juliet

May 31, 1997 By Skip Hollandsworth

Frankie Mitchell and Janet Evans want to be together, but their families are feuding. It’s a story as old as Shakespeare—older, in fact, because they’re Gypsies, the children of two prominent Dallas clans, and ancient superstitions guide every aspect of their lives. Even love.

Ad Men at War

Nov 1, 1990 By Skip Hollandsworth

How the battle for the Southwest Airlines account turned into a long-awaited showdown between Texas’s two top agencies.

The Great Airline War

Dec 1, 1975 By James Fallows

Will Texas International Airlines's “whiz kids” fizzle?! Will sexy Southwest conquer all?! Will Braniff lose its routes?!