Fifth Ward

Music |
January 27, 2015

Remembering Bobby “Blue” Bland

In their sixties Houston-based prime, the music of Bobby “Blue” Bland and his musical director Joe Scott was every bit as good as that of Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle. 

Education |
February 1, 1999

Ebony and Ivy

How an African American from Houston’s Fifth Ward rose to become the president of a mostly white, exceedingly

Sports |
February 1, 1995


In heavyweight boxing—and in the glare of media lights—it helps to be larger than life. Ask George Foreman, 1994’s comeback kid.

News & Politics |
February 1, 1979

Only the Strong Survive

“There are two things to remember about the ghetto that is Houston’s Fifth Ward. One, evil usually triumphs over good. Two, in spite of that, most of its residents retain a goodness that proves indestructible.”