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February 1, 2008

Eat Their Words

What will dining, both out and in, be like in decades to come? We asked the state’s top chefs and food folk, from Dean Fearing and Hugo Ortega to David Bull and Charles Butt.

Food & Drink |
July 31, 1997

Sea You Really Soon

Superchef Stephan Pyles, the culinary hand behind Dallas’ Star Canyon, is opening a new restaurant this fall: AquaKnox. The name refers to the street on which the restaurant is located, Knox, and the menu’s featured ingredient, which comes from the water. “It’s a fish restaurant,” he says simply. Pyles plans

Business |
June 30, 1997

Food for Thought

Once, before fast-food franchises and ecotourists took over Alpine, the Gallego family’s Mexican restaurant survived and thrived. Today, the kitchen is closed.

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September 30, 1979


Can’t hull a strawberry? Can’t boil an egg? Can’t wash leafy vegetables? Relax. Help is on the way.