Scattered Applause

Mar 1, 1997 By Gregory Curtis

Everyone at the Capitol that morning in late January knew George W. Bush was at a high plateau, and they were there expecting to witness history being made. Popular and successful after two years as governor, openly discussed already as a potential candidate for national office, he was, on this…

Bad Medicine

Jul 31, 1995 By Paul Burka

By vetoing the Patient Protection Act, Gearge W. Bush put cost before care.

More Power to Him

Feb 1, 1995 By Paul Burka

The office of governor is constitutionally weak, but don’t tell that to George. W. Bush.

Don’t Call Him Junior

Apr 1, 1989 By Patricia Kilday Hart

George W. Bush wants to be governor of Texas. He says he’s not following in his father’s footsteps, but his name, his career, and his ideas about politics seem an awful lot like Dad’s.