John Bates

Pay It Forward Tonight with Daniel Curtis and Austin Chefs

Aug 21, 2012 By Layne Lynch

Despite our most valiant efforts, we cannot predict the life events that await us around the corner. Before May of last year, Daniel Curtis – former food and beverage director of The Carillon – had every intention of continuing his work in the evolving Austin culinary scene. But when a diving accident on…

Noble Pig Wins Southwest Division of ‘Best Sandwich in America’

Aug 3, 2012 By Layne Lynch

Noble Pig‘s owners John Bates and Brandon Martinez can give themselves a pat on the back; apparently, they make the best sandwich in the Southwest. Photo taken by Marshall Wright On Wednesday, Adam Richman’s Travel Channel show “Best Sandwich in America” featured the Austin…

More Proof That Austin Is Smoking Hot!

Jan 27, 2012 By Patricia Sharpe

There’s nothing like a bandwagon. No sooner did Food & Wine and Bon Appétit fall all over themselves to give Austin a whole lotta love than (an online magazine for chefs and culinary insiders) decided to hold one of its four national awards ceremonies in…