Karen Hughes

Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?

Aug 19, 2009 By Paul Burka

Baseball aficionados may recognize the headline as the title of a book by Jimmy Breslin about the 1962 New York Mets, lovable losers of 120 of their 162 games. I was reminded of the book — the title was a quote from Mets’ manager Casey Stengel — by the astonishingly…

Benkiser may seek RNC chairmanship

Oct 31, 2008 By Paul Burka

It makes sense. Having presided over the decline of the Republican party in Texas, she has the experience to take her expertise to the national level. The source is Marc Ambinder’s generally excellent blog for the Atlantic Monthly. Here is the complete text: More dispatches from…

Meet the Pres?

Jul 31, 1999 By Texas Monthly

CONGRATULATIONS TO TEXAS MONTHLY for your comprehensive look at the life and times of Governor Bush [“Who Is George W. Bush?” June 1999]. I don’t want to diminish an otherwise outstanding effort, but despite your careful fact checking, the articles included a couple of misrepresentations I feel obligated to…

His Fantastic Four

Jul 31, 1999 By Patricia Kilday Hart

Meet the superheroes of George W. Bush’s campaign for the presidency: a quartet of brainy advisers who are helping him to refine and sell his ideas on the economy, foreign policy, and the like.