Kip Averitt

Waco Senate seat up for grabs today

May 8, 2010 By Paul Burka

Four candidates are seeking the Senate seat formerly held by Kip Averitt: former state senator David Sibley, retired lieutenant colonel Brian Birdwell, insurance agency owner Darren Yancey, and Baylor professor Galye Avant, who is the only Democrat in the special election. The Birdwell campaign yesterday released the results of a "poll" by Heritage Alliance. This is the new name of the Free Market Foundation, and FreePAC, the longtime base of operations for Richard Ford, one of the truly malevolent people in Texas politics. (It was Ford who distributed the notorious mailer of two males on top of a wedding cake back in 2002 in a fruitless effort to defeat Bill Ratliff and Jeff Wentworth.) I wouldn't trust anything Ford is involved in, but the release claims that 3,279 registered voters were contacted. Respondents were given the following instructions: * "Press 1 for Baylor professor and Democrat Gayle Avant" (22 percent) * "Press 2 for Republican and retired Army colonel Brian Birdwell" (31 percent) * "Press 3 for Republican former State Senator and lobbyist David Sibley" (23 percent) * "Press 4 for Republican and insurance agency owner Darren Yancy" (3 percent) * "Press 5 for undecided" (23 percent)

Threat of Senate filibuster postponed; TxDOT rumored to be DOA

May 31, 2009 By Patricia Kilday Hart

HB 3827 almost touched off a Senate filibuster, but Sen. Bob Duell pulled down consideration until tomorrow. The issue is over immunity for underground storage tank leakage; Democrats feared it would give manufacturers of MTBE immunity for contamination of ground water and the cost of clean-ups would be borne by…

Averitt optimistic about CHIP expansion bill

May 26, 2009 By Patricia Kilday Hart

Sen. Kip Averitt says he is optimistic that he will be able to amend his CHIP expansion bill to House a bill still waiting for Senate approval — but says he is waiting to see if the House moves first. While he says he has not spoken directly to Dewhurst…

Who’s killing CHIP?

May 26, 2009 By Patricia Kilday Hart

The CHIP bill sponsored by Rep. Garnet Coleman and Sen. Kip Averitt does not have to fall victim to the genocidal slaughter occurring in the Texas House. There are lots of ways it could be revived, including, of course, a vote by two-thirds of the House to take it up…

Seliger bill would clip SBOE’s wings

Apr 14, 2009 By Patricia Kilday Hart

The fallout from the State Board of Education's debate over the teaching of evolution continued this morning in the Senate Education Committee, which held a spirited discussion on Sen. Kel Seliger's SB 2275 transferring authority for textbook adoption from the State Board of Education to the state's Education Commissioner. How spirited?  Sen. Kip Averitt, one of the most soft-spoken members of the Senate, was moved to observe that partisan discord has so infected the State Board that its Democrats believe "Republicans want to impose their religious beliefs" on public school students while its Republicans believe "Democrats want to teach our children how to masturbate." That woke up the audience members, some no doubt wondering how such a course might boost their kid's GPA.