Shark Attack!!! (The good kind)

Dec 3, 2009 By Patricia Sharpe

Our stalwart and somewhat chilly Big Bend correspondent Fern McDougal writes, ” Far West Texas was hit with a soggy snowstorm Dec. 1, but diners at the Food Shark in Marfa were snug, warm and, I would think, rather amused. “The Food Shark Dining Bus, a rolling dining room, was…


Aug 31, 2009 By Kristie Ramirez

1. THE THUNDERBIRD HOTEL Spare but chic sums up this refurbished motor court. A cowhide rug, a wood-and-metal table, and a single framed art poster is the extent of the interior decor, but you never feel deprived of accoutrements. After a day of sightseeing, take a splash in the pool…

The Truth Is Out There

May 31, 2006 By Michael Hall

Spoiler alert: The mythic Marfa lights may not be real. But there’s no way to know for sure, and that’s why they’re cool.

The Man In the White Hat

Feb 1, 2006 By John Spong

To hear John Poindexter tell it, he’s one of the good guys—a faithful steward of his West Texas land and therefore a worthy bidder for 46,000 acres of Big Bend Ranch State Park. But sometimes having your heart in the right place simply isn’t enough.

“The Buzz About Marfa Is Just Crazy”

Aug 31, 2004 By Michael Hall

A century after the cowboys and ranchers moved in on the local Apaches, Comanches, and Tejanos, the West Texas town is adjusting to a new breed of excitable invaders: Hollywood fashion arbiters, New York art- world youngsters, Houston superlawyers, and the like. Cappuccino, anyone?

Clean Living

Jun 30, 1999 By Joe Nick Patoski

How the fight over a toxic waste dump has changed the lives of three West Texas activists.

Pump Fiction

Apr 30, 1995 By Skip Hollandsworth

Should Hollywood remake Giant? On the fortieeth anniversary of the filming of the Texas epic, we imagine Brad Pitt playing jett Rink’s grandson, Quentin Tarantino directing, and other scary scenarios.