Texas’s Best BBQ Sandwiches

Feb 14, 2014 By Daniel Vaughn

At Prause Meat Market in La Grange, there is a green paper sign right next to the barbecue counter. It reads “Sorry We Do NOT Make Sandwiches.” It’s a reminder to customers that this is a meat market where meat—smoked or raw—is sold by the pound. If you want a…

Interview: Bill and Francene Barton of Neely’s

Feb 5, 2014 By Daniel Vaughn

Twins Francene and Geraldine Neely from the Neely’s Facebook page. Owners: Neely’s, opened 1927 Age: 66 Smoker: Wood-fired steel offset smoker Wood: Hickory Neely’s in Marshall, Texas is famous for being very old and for serving a Brown Pig sandwich. It’s by far their most popular menu item, but of course Bill wants…