Neiman Marcus

Founded in 1907, Neiman Marcus was the state’s first luxury department store. It quickly gathered a reputation among Texas’ most elite shoppers as one of the only places to find ready-to-wear couture from New York, Paris, and Milan. Today the chain has more than forty locations and remains one of the premiere fashion outlets in America.

Business |
January 20, 2013

Store Wars!

Two luxury retailers: Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. One desirable market: Houston. The fight for the hearts and credit cards of couture clotheshorses like Lynn Wyatt and Carolyn Farb officially begins next month, but already the fur is flying.

The Culture |
January 20, 2013

The 2005 Bum Steer Awards

It was a year of: Alamo amour, bollixed Bush, cheeseburger chagrin, dissed Davy, egregious ethics, film flops, guileful gynecologists, hibiscus hullabaloo, in-flight idiocy, jiggling Janet, konservative kross-dressers, laughable liposuction, microphone mishaps, numskull name-nabbing, opinionated obits, pot parfaits, Qaeda qualms, reckless Rather, streaking solons, tasteless Tecate, UT users, vulgar veeps, Wicca

Feature |
January 20, 2013

2005 Bum Steer Awards

Better close off the balcony too Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, of Houston, requested that a corridor in her Washington, D.C., office building be closed off for eight hours so that she could meet privately with singer Michael Jackson.4—6 minutes to high cholesterol An eighteen-wheeler overturned on Houston’s Loop 610, spilling

Style & Design |
January 20, 2013

Lip Shtick

There are countless theories about why Dallas women are so crazy about makeup, but there's something approaching a consensus about the place to buy it. Which is why, against all odds, I found myself at the NorthPark Center Neiman's.

Jordan's Pick |
October 31, 2007

Fashion at The Park

You’re never going to believe this. Mere weeks ago, Giorgio Armani made the declaration every chic native has longed to hear: “Fashion has arrived in Dallas.” Come again? The city may be the state’s most stylish (two words: Neiman Marcus), but it’s still a distant cousin to the four

History |
March 1, 2002

Stanley Marcus Timeline

April 20, 1905—Stanley Marcus is born in Dallas. He is the oldest of four boys. 1907—Neiman Marcus is founded in Dallas by his father, Herbert Marcus, Sr., his aunt, Carrie Marcus Neiman, and his uncle Al Neiman. 1926—He graduates from the Harvard Business School. He begins working at Neiman Marcus