Oklahoma City

Toad Warriors

Mar 1, 1998 By Jordan Mackay

Is there a black cloud hanging over Fort Worth’s Toadies? You might think so based on the alt-rock band’s recent history. Their major-label debut for Interscope, 1994’s Rubberneck—a painfully angst-ridden record—went platinum after two years of incessant touring, but some strange stuff happened during all that time on the road:…

A Special Agent

May 31, 1995 By Jan Reid

The Secret Service lost a good man in the Oklahoma blast—and I lost an old friend.

Shoot-out at Shamrock

Feb 1, 1995 By Jan Jarboe Russell

On a sleepy day last September, two women came barreling down Route 66 with five police cars in hot pursuit. A tiny Panhandle town will never be the same.