Open Carry

A Governor, Guns and the Zombie Apocalypse

Jun 13, 2015 By R.G. Ratcliffe

Ironically, the day Governor Greg Abbott signs into law a bill to allow the licensed open carrying of handguns, a disturbed man opens fire on the Dallas police headquarters while driving a zombie apocalypse van.


May 13, 2015 By R.G. Ratcliffe

Open carry of licensed handguns and border security are the hostages in the tax-cut debates.

The Great Debates

Mar 20, 2015 By R.G. Ratcliffe

A couple of exchanges during debate in the Legislature this week are unlikely to find their way into etched stone.

Wendy Davis and Open Carry

Feb 7, 2014 By brian sweany and Paul Burka

Was Wendy Davis smart to embrace open carry? I think not. In the end, a lot more of her core constituency will be disappointed than will be elated. And I don’t see that she has much to gain. Greg Abbott long ago wrapped up the support of the…