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January 21, 2013

Fried Chicken

The Dish You can identify the smell with your eyes closed: The salty, intoxicating aroma of fried chicken can be mistaken for nothing else. And if you grew up in Texas a generation or more ago, you know the sound, because Sunday dawned with the certainty that around eleven you’d

Eat My Words |
July 7, 2009

Watch Texas’s Own Tom Perini on “Today” Show This Thursday

Barring some major national news, like peace breaking out or another Michael Jackson will being found, Tom Perini is scheduled to be cooking up one of his nationally renowned hambugers on the “Today” show, this Thursday, during the 8:30 a.m. time segment. The fantastic mesquite-grilled burgers got accolades from the

Eat My Words |
June 9, 2009

Too Bad About Bobby Flay’s Lapse Into Insanity

Have you seen the latest Food Network Magazine (June/July)? It’s all about burgers, and in it (page 78), they’ve got Bobby Flay’s recipe for something they call the “Dallas Burger.”   What were they smoking when they thought up that recipe? The monstrosity has ancho chile powder, Spanish