Where the Wild Things Are

Mar 1, 1996 By Anne Dingus

One of the country’s top photographers traveled around his home state to capture these stunning portraits of exotic animals on display.

Good-bye to a Friend

Jan 1, 1996 By djstout

He braved dangerous criminals, stalked wild wolves, waded into floodwaters, and chased a hurricane down the Texas coast into Mexico, but in a cruel turn of fate he was felled by a tiny insect. Photographer Doug Milner died November 13 after suffering an allergic reaction to a wasp sting at…

Lone Stars

Sep 30, 1977 By Pat Berry

You’ve met the stars of stage and screen. Now meet the stars of Texas.

The Other Texas

Apr 30, 1977 By Texas Monthly

Rio Grande CityMichael Patrick HoustonSuzanne Paul AustinHarry Boyd RosenbergJoe Baraban IngramHarry Boyd HillsboroNicolas Russell MartindaleO. C. Perkins BudaPat Berry La GrangeJoe Baraban…