BBQ Joint Reviews |
October 26, 2015

Winners BBQ

De’Andre Jackson never thought he’d be cooking barbecue for a living. As a football star out of Garland, he started for the Big 12’s Iowa State. Entering his senior year, some had him graded as the third best cornerback in college. An ACL-tear toward the end of the season kept

The Culture |
October 21, 2015

Homes Sweet Homes

Buyers today are seeing tremendous change, just as my parents did, but they all still want the same thing: the chance to own a piece of the Texas dream.

Food & Drink |
January 20, 2013

The 50 Greatest Hamburgers In Texas

On our first-ever quest for the state’s best burgers, we covered more than 12,000 miles, ate at more than 250 restaurants, and gained, collectively, more than 40 pounds. Our dauntless determination (and fearless fat intake) was rewarded with a list of 50 transcendent burgers—and you’ll never guess which one ended

Books |
March 31, 2008

The Story of Forgetting

Stefan Merrill Block is a talent. Though his debut novel, The Story of Forgetting, sings a bit from the Jonathan Safran Foer hymnal (a precocious teen trying to unravel his family’s tragic history), the Plano native distinguishes himself with inventive plotting and an urbane Texas voice. High Plains

Feature |
January 1, 1999

Teenage Wasteland

With its optimistically broad streets and oversized cantilevered homes, Plano is the suburban ideal taken to its extreme, and its exaggerated scale often gives rise to exaggerated problems. Heroin addiction is only the latest.

Business |
January 1, 1999

Pop Art

How 7 UP is trying to win back its share of the soft drink market, one commercial at a time.

Television |
April 30, 1998

A Stand-up Guy

Plano’s Steve Harvey has been a successful comedian for years. Now he’s a sitcom star too.