The Voice of America

Apr 1, 2004 By S. C. Gwynne

Is Clear Channel, the San Antonio-based radio behemoth, as patently evil as everyone says? Don't touch that dial.

Hannah Storm

Nov 1, 1998 By Brian D. Sweany

When I graduated from Notre Dame in 1983, I wanted to be a sportscaster. But at the time there were very few women doing that, so I had a difficult time finding a job. I answered some want ads in a broadcasting publication, and one of the advertisements was for…

Spin Control

Jul 31, 1996 By Jim Atkinson

Vertigo isn’t just the stuff of Hitchcock thrillers—it’s a debilitating disease, as Dallas radio talk show host Kevin McCarthy found out the hard way.

The Far Right Stuff

Apr 1, 1996 By Helen Thorpe

Wyatt Roberts says he’s simply crusading against sin, but critics contend that the Christian activist is trying to usher in a new era in Texas: the anti-gay nineties.