Jerry Jones Met With The Pope

Jun 21, 2017 By Dan Solomon

The pontiff did not weigh in on if Dez caught the ball during the 2015 playoff game against the Green Bay Packers (but come on, it was a catch).

Going Secular at SXSW

Mar 19, 2014 By Maurice Chammah

The band Gungor is using the festival to broaden its fan base outside the churches where it made its name. Can it escape the stigma of Christian rock without alienating its devoted followers?

Mission, Texas Has Exempted Churches From Its Noise Ordinance

Dec 2, 2013 By Dan Solomon

After a criminal noise complaint was filed—and quickly withdrawn—over the sound of the church bells at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Mission, the city council voted to exempt churches from the noise ordinance. As the Rio Grande Valley shifts away from being monolithically Catholic, what does this mean for the other religious communities in the area?