Rio Grande Grill

Rio Grande Grill BBQ & Tex Mex (Top 50)

Jun 1, 2017 By Daniel Vaughn

Whimsical art and bright colors are unusual in a barbecue joint, but Rio Grande Grill throws the rules right out the kitchen door. Daniel Wright and his wife, head chef Stefania, break the rules with the food too, even battering up the smoked chicken to make the best of both…

Rio Grande Grill

Dec 23, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

For a small joint, there are plenty of cooks in this kitchen. Daniel Wright is the pitmaster, his wife Stefania Trimboli-Wright is the chef, her sous chef is Roque Luis Peña, and they even have a pastry chef – Drew Mann. They all have their specialty, but as a group they’ve…