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sharon keller

An Easy Ethics Fix

Apr 15, 2013 By brian sweany and Paul Burka

I have to admire the Tribune‘s Ross Ramsey. If you have to adopt a cause, you might as well make it a hopeless one. In Ramsey’s case, it’s ethics reform. I’m going to make a small suggestion that might spur the Ethics Commission to action. Two high-profile cases…

And Justice for Some

Jan 20, 2013 By Michael Hall

How the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals mistakes toughness for fairness—and gives the state a black eye.

Sharon Keller: Gone baby gone

Feb 20, 2009 By Paul Burka

It is amazing what one editorial in the New York Times can do. The outrage of lawyers across the state and nation couldn’t awaken the Commission on Judicial Conduct from its long slumber in the case of Court of Criminal appeals presiding judge Sharon Keller. The protests of Texas media…

Update on Keller…

Feb 19, 2009 By Patricia Kilday Hart

…Courtesy of the Statesman, which is reporting the State Commission on Judicial Conduct has ruled Sharon Keller’s conduct brought discredit to the state.

The NYT gets it right

Feb 19, 2009 By Patricia Kilday Hart

The New York Times this morning endorsed Lon Burnam’s impeachment resolution against Sharon Keller, the Criminal Court of Appeals judge who refused to keep the court’s office open for a half hour when an lawyer for a death row defendant pleaded for extra time to complete an appeal.