Web Exclusive |
January 21, 2013

A Q&A With Skip Hollandsworth

The executive editor on Jeffrey and Yvonne Stern and their murder-for-hire story, hit men, and the standard male midlife crisis.

Feature |
January 20, 2013

Law and Disorder

During his lifetime, he captivated Houston with his courtroom brilliance, outsized ambition, and high-dollar lifestyle. But in the year since John O’Quinn’s tragic death, a bitter estate battle has revealed who he really was.

Feature |
September 30, 2000

Can’t Buy Me Love

Take one of the nation's wealthiest men, the enigmatic, Egyptian-born Fayez Sarofim. Add his socialite first wife and her brassy successor. Stir in River Oaks mansions and greedy lawyers, boatloads of money and oceans of booze. Mix it all together and what do you get? A hell of a mess